Wheaton Medical Office

A new medical office building in Wheaton, Illinois was erected with the assistance of J3 Engineering Group and a local precaster, whom we have an ongoing relationship with.  With J3’s exceptional engineering and the precaster’s quality product, the project was successfully completed.

Clear communication between J3, the contractor and architect was imperative to understand the project’s special requirements. This included thin brick with rounded corners and faux stone panels with two concrete color mixes at the base of the building. Proper connections and different sized panels were established so the brick could be laid out correctly to correspond with the overall design.

The project was completed with a quick turnaround at a low cost. To meet deadlines, we used additional resources for drafting and worked with the precaster beyond business hours. To cut cost, while meeting the architect’s needs, the precaster and J3 coordinated to change the brick length from the original design. This will be a three story specialty medical facility, providing a central location for the community of Wheaton, Illinois and the Chicago area.