The Water Environment Federation’s Annual Technician Exhibition and Conference (WEFTEC) hosted in Chicago, Illinois this year was a great success. The conference provides opportunities for professionals in the water quality industry to learn and network with others who specialize in some of the newest technologies in the field. It is one of the largest conferences in North America, where over 22,000 people from around the world attend to provide training and education opportunities.

J3 Engineering Group enjoyed the opportunity to attend the event and learn about the latest methods used within the industry. One session members attended was The “Great Water Cities Session”, hosted by Stan Meiburg, a representative of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Members learned about leading cities who make water management a priority to benefit the communities around them and how they respond to changing climate, regulations, and economic conditions. In addition, representatives of J3 attended technical sessions on applications of water clarifier models.

The WEFTEC was of great benefit due to our ability to share and discuss ideas on engineering for wastewater treatment. Not only did we gain knowledge, but we came out with new and exciting opportunities to pursue. We are looking forward to attending events like this in the future to advance in this specialty.

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