Precast Integration with a Unique Structure

Precast Integration with a Unique Structure

Johnson Creek’s new middle and high school will have a unique design as Wisconsin’s first school with a dome-shaped roof. It will cost about $6 million less than a school with equal square footage built the standard way, be more energy efficient, and withstand tornadoes. J3 Engineering Group helped engineer precast panels linking the domes together, which consists of five air formed domes. The largest is 160 feet in diameter.

Engineering and drafting were provided for the load bearing and non-load bearing prestressed precast panels. Panel openings for heating and ventilation ducts required additional reinforcing. A unique aspect in designing the panels was to ensure they matched up with the curvature of the dome walls. Connections were created specifically to fit the contour of the dome. In addition, side lifters were engineered for the panels due to special handling required for sandblasting the exterior surface. This ensured each panel would accept an aesthetically pleasing finish at the site.

Currently, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students are in one school that has nearly 700 students. The new design will provide more space of 109,000 square-feet for the growing student population and save thousands of dollars in energy costs each year. The building is slated for completion by next year.


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