Design it All in One Place

We can allow you to deliver more value to your client. Whereas many engineering firms concentrate on the overall building design, we give the design a more detailed approach.

We use our intimate knowledge of delegated design in order to engineer you the best structure, that will allow for reduced delegated design and cheaper construction costs. In fact, we can help make bidding more competitive, issuing a complete project down to shop drawings or fabrication tickets, so your owner can get a fair comparison.

wooden beam construction on a building

Resolve Field Issues

The drawings and calculations are complete, everything has been sealed. The project is complete, right? Of course not! It is a common occurrence to have issues that arise in the field, and we are there to support the project when those field issues arise.

Response time is extremely important when issues do arise. Our engineers carry their phones all day and even on the weekends to resolve issues that may have come up in the field. If the construction crew is working you can be assured that you can reach your engineer.

Port Washington Historical Society Museum

Historical Reuse

In our opinion nothing brings out the creativity in an engineer more than working with a historical structure. Updating a historical structure to meet modern building codes while respecting the original design is a unique challenge.

We have worked on many historical structures including structures that have won design awards.

Boerner Mercantile Building-Port Washington, Wisconsin

Engineering For the Future

We are experienced in the future of building design, from general 3-D modeling to full scale BIM with integrated analysis and clash detection we work with you or help you take the next step in building design innovation. In many cases we have modeled down to fabrication level so we are aware of the downstream issues poor coordination can create.

The materials and methods that surround sustainable design are becoming more and more common. From Hempcrete exterior walls to site harvested lumber, we have been involved in projects where some of the challenge is to utilize these new materials. We are always excited to see what new products come on the market and how to integrate them into good design.

wood architecture being constructed at a bank