Wisconsin Whey

A whey processing plant was in need of engineering services to expand their newest facility in Darlington, Wisconsin. The company, Wisconsin Whey Protein, recently built a second plant in Darlington due to economic growth in the demand for whey-a byproduct of cheese. J3 Engineering Group worked with the contractor in a design-build relationship and coordinated with the architect to assist in this expansion.

The new facility was in need of additional space in order to increase capacity and storage space. The majority of the project has precast wall panels and precast floors/roofs. J3 worked closely with the precaster incorporating their standards in the design of the structure. The warehouse buildings are metal buildings designed with 110 foot clear span frames, making it necessary to have proper foundation and bracing to prevent these structures from failing. J3 engineered the concrete foundations, including numerous retaining walls to accommodate the many site elevation changes. A ramp between the old and new buildings was implemented and J3 worked with the contractor to design and provide a minimal amount of underpinning at the existing building foundations.

Wisconsin Whey Protein was also in need of consulting services to design foundations for the large process equipment, and turned to J3 for assistance. With our familiarity with the project and previous experience, we were able to easily provide these additional services.

The project is currently under construction and when completed, the company will be able to provide more product and continue to grow.

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