Wastewater Equipment

J3 Engineering Group worked with a wastewater treatment equipment supplier to engineer platforms located throughout North America and the Middle East. Since the locations of each platform was diverse, each location needed a different design. J3 ensured proper code requirements were met for each location to provide the most secure design, while keeping costs to a minimum. Given that these platforms were used in the wastewater industry we had to consider loading from piping, liquids, and sand that was used to filter materials.

Since these platforms are exposed to water on an ongoing basis, aluminum was used as the main component material of the platform and other components consisted of stainless steel and FRP. Consideration of interference between piping and other structural components below the platform were necessary as well. In addition, J3 engineered a removable section of the platform for maintenance abilities.

J3’s expertise in engineering various structural materials and familiarity with client requirements were a valuable asset to the project. The platforms and piping are now installed and used by the wastewater treatment facilities.

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