Star Trek Beyond opened in theaters a few weeks ago, with a specially mastered version created for Barco Escape, a new kind of theater system. The Barco Escape includes three screens. One is placed in the front, the other two are on each side wall, making a wider viewing experience than standard movie theater screens.

The new theater system needed to be designed for various locations throughout the United States. The frame support for the screens and projector equipment used specialized framing, which required calculations and load tables developed by J3 Engineering Group. Calculations were developed using MathCAD and Excel based spreadsheets.

This unique construction system included many long span members made of a newly developed building product. J3 coordinated with a specialty component supplier and the EOR to modify the existing supports for the screen and projector, ensuring the project was completed in time for the release of the new movie.

Currently, there are 30 Barco Escape theaters worldwide. The company anticipates opening about one hundred new wide screen theater systems around the world by the end of the year.


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