Klingman Lofts

What once was Klingman’s Furniture Warehouse in Grand Rapid’s Michigan, has been turned into an 83 unit loft style apartment complex with commercial space. This multi-million dollar project required a new 40,000 square foot parking structure designed by J3 Engineering Group.

J3’s engineering, drafting, and BIM services were used to design the columns, spandrels, double tees, and stairs for the precast parking structure. With the assistance of BIM technology, J3 built a model accommodating the slope of the garage to allow for proper drainage. J3 also worked with the precaster to ensure the project met scope requirements and was able to mitigate field issues.

This building is part of the National Register of Historic Places and part of the city’s Heartside Historic Preservation District. It was completed this past fall and is now open for rent.

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