DRE panel drawing

DRE Corporate Headquarters Expansion

A four story 225,000 square foot corporate headquarters for the Duchossois Group and Chamberlin Group was recently erected in Oakbrook, Illinois. It was one of four buildings in part of an $18 million deal for the Duchossois Real Estate Group.

The building consists of architectural and structural precast, with curved panels and reveals, which taper from being 1 ½” deep at one panel to being flush with the panel at the other end. Nearly 175 individual precast pieces were created, each needing to match the adjoining panel. The second floor contains a green roof in a narrow strip around the building. J3 Engineering Group provided engineering and drafting services for the precast panels of the building.

J3’s experience working on architectural and structural precast, and the ability to work on the project over a long duration, were valuable assets to this project. Coordination with multiple disciplines including the contractor, architect, engineer of record and mechanical engineer was needed to ensure the precast was manufactured and installed correctly. 3D modeling software was used to create accuracy for each panel.

The Duchossois Group manages multiple companies including residential and commercial security, lighting, commercial control, automation, and digital media and has locations in about 30 countries. Construction of the building is nearly complete and should be occupied shortly.



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