J3 welcomes two new employees to our cold-formed steel department-Laren De Back and John Sales.

Lauren is a project drafter and has a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from UW-Milwaukee.  While new to the field, she is excited to learn and grow in our fast paced environment. Lauren has experience in house flipping where she helped with installing new flooring, caulking, disassembling a deck, and learned about plumbing, heating, and cooling of the house. She is looking forward to working with our cold-formed steel department to create detailed drawings.

John is a structural engineer and graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a minor in Math. He focused on structural engineering in his studies and assisted with designing a truss bridge in a steel bridge competition. The competition was part of a senior design project where he cut and welded various pieces for the bridge using hot rolled steel. In addition to his education, John has previous experience engineering cold-formed steel. He brings his talent to J3 and uses the latest technology to engineer exterior and interior building components including studs, bracing, and panels.

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