Sitting all day in an office, not getting much exercise can be bad for your health. That’s why J3 is part of the ACEC Wellness Program, which provides designed wellness programs for firms in the engineering industry. They may include challenges on eating right, getting enough exercise, or educational web courses to take. These programs encourage health and wellness of our employees. Yesterday, J3 Engineering Group participated in a biometric screening to assess employees health. Employees had measurements taken such as height and weight as well as blood drawn to determine things such as BMI (body mass index), cholesterol and blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

In addition to the biometric screening, J3 is currently participating in the Rumblesum Throwdown challenge by ACEC. Employees track how many steps they take each day using a Fitbit or pedometer, and any workouts recorded each day. Each workout or number of steps are worth points and the more active you are, the more points are earned. There is even a little friendly competition going on between our Northbrook location and our Mequon location in who can earn the most points. In the end, our company is measured against other firms participating and results are tracked for 8 weeks.

Focusing on health is important to J3 and these programs provide encouragement to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Above photo: Employees check in and fill out paperwork prior to their screening.

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